Specializing in Custom Vehicle Paint Jobs

Specializing in Custom Vehicle Paint Jobs

Customize your car at Quick Fix Auto in Pasco, WA

Factory finishes are often pretty basic. In fact, most cars in the U.S. are white, black, gray or silver. If you want your vehicle to stand out in a parking lot or turn heads when you drive by, get a custom vehicle paint job in Pasco, WA.

The team at Quick Fix Auto can paint your car any color you desire. We can further customize your vehicle by adding a matte or pearl finish.

Repainting your car might cost less than you think. Call 509-986-8272 now to request a free estimate on a custom vehicle paint job.

We can reverse the damage done to your vehicle

Even if the accident you were involved in was minor, your car could have huge cosmetic issues. Luckily, we excel at...

  • Color matching
  • Sunburn color fading or clear peel
  • Surface scratches or deep scratches

We use top-notch products to make collision paint repair jobs look flawless. Visit our auto repair shop in Pasco, WA today if you want your vehicle to look brand-new.